Well it has been a crazy fortnight in the Leeds BDSM playroom with Myself, Mistress Firefly, resident Mistress Candy and visiting Mistress, the Domme Fatale – Mistress Manouche. I won’t be blogging about all the activities and mischievous fun We got up too, ‘it’d be quicker to rewrite the Bible’! So sit down and feast upon the two mentions with baited breath and laughter.

The Leeds Mistresses

We’re ready to torment and torture… BDSM / Fetish

Our collared-slave, snivelling grovel was the first toy that fell victim to Our tormenting and teasing personas and boy did he have a great time… Mistress Candy is still learning the technical side of Our beautifully dark arts so We kicked off with needle play. Mistress Manouche took the right nipple and Mistress Candy followed suit with the left nipple watching Manouche’s handy-work carefully and then replicating it, I, Mistress Firefly was offering Our slave a welcomed distraction with urethral sounding. Having inserted fifty needles into each nipple with precision and perfection it was time to up the torment…

The Leeds BDSM playroom

Needle play at its finest. The slave’s left nipple was the very first and amazing insertion by Mistress Candy!

Any Professional Dominatrix knows never to use electrics from nipple to nipple across the chest but there is nothing stopping us administering a short sharp shock to one highly decorated nipple at a time. Having wired up snivelling grovel’s cock and balls to the electrics I carefully plug in My sparky evil knife. All three of Us Mistresses cannot contain Our laughter and excitement as Our willing victim sits restrained and frozen with anticipation to the examination chair. ‘Of course we handed Mistress Candy the knife for Her to explore and experience shocking knife play in a controlled and safe environment’ (the knife does not cut but simulates the feeling). Mistress Candy runs the blade around the shaft of Our slave’s cock before running over the needles in one of his nipples. By this point snivelling grovel is praying harder and faster than ever as We all watch on full of glee and laughter.

Mistress Firefly's Leeds BDSM playroom

Mistress Manouche and Mistress Candy torturing slave, snivelling grovel with electrical play.

Mistress Firefly's Leeds BDSM playroom

Of course I, Leeds Mistress Firefly photobombed the picture… It’s My human rights…

“What goes in must come out”…

Anyone who knows Me and has visited My Leeds BDSM playroom knows that I do not like mess or disorder so I am always coming up with ways to minimise mess without being a ‘mood-hoover’.  As the needles come out and grovel’s nipples are cauterized at the same time, the playroom is filled with the exquisite smell of burning flesh and NO bloody mess! (Additional activities took place such as Bondage, anal-stretching and anal-fisting).

Mistress Firefly's Leeds BDSM playroom

I, Mistress Firefly, Mistress Candy and Mistress Manouche are set to let 68 have his Max Mosley experience.

The next Triple-Domination that cannot go without a mention as it was hilarious for Us, the three Mistresses and terrifying for Our collared-slave 68. ‘Always be very careful what you ask for’!

I escort 68 down the stone stairs and lock him in the cage naked : the playroom is always very warm so I’m confident he won’t freeze to death. On leaving him in solitary confinement, I shut the door and switch out all lights plunging the playroom into total darkness. I, Leeds Mistress Firefly, Mistress Manouche and Mistress Candy have a brief conversation about 68’s polite and insane request. On mentioning the ‘Max Mosley’ experience, Mistress Manouche’s face lights up but Mistress Candy looked confused. I show Mistress Candy a number of articles and Mistress Manouche and I explain in further depth. A huge sadistic smile now adorns Mistress Candy’s face. All three of Us will deal with Our Mosley imposter shortly…Right now I’m enjoying letting him sweat and his head spin.

Forty-minutes later the lights go on in the Leeds BDSM playroom that startles 68. Our slave then has to listen to the heels of his three Captures making  their way down the stone stairs. ‘It’s time to play rough’!

Hands are shackled, the body becomes taut as it is hung from the holding point in the ceiling joist, testicles bound tight in rope and a shark board is placed under the feet. ‘I can safely say, 68 is just hanging around full of fear, trepidation and maybe an ounce of regret at the stupidity of his request’. I have known 68 for many years and I know he is absolutely shitting his pants as We, the three Professional Mistresses prowl around his naked withered body that is shaking, prodding and poking, laughing and teasing before an eclectic array of implements come in to play.

Mistress Candy is new to the world of Fetish and BDSM; yes She has the personality, vivid imagination and the sass (which cannot be learned, you either have it or you don’t) but I, Leeds Mistress Firefly and Mistress Manouche are guiding Her on technical abilities, I can honestly say ‘there’s no flies on this new Mistress’! Mistress Manouche and I guide Mistress Candy with the different implements, where they can be used, the frequency and the ferocity. We also explain ‘the too high too low’ rule with certain paddles and canes but not to fear, even the most experienced of Us can make a mistake! Then We begin…

The Max Mosley experience at the Leeds BDSM playroom

Mistress Candy and Mistress Manouche taking care of slave 68 – the Max Mosley experience.

Having 68 listen in on Our five-minute conversation on purpose, I am surprised he didn’t have a heart attack right there and then. I begin with the Canadian prison strap to toughen up his skinny hynee before handing over to Mistress Manouche and Mistress Candy to administer alternate strikes with a whip and a cane. 68 is feeling the pain and jumping around… but I soon put a stop to that…

Firstly I request politely that 68 needs to stop jumping around as it will be causing him more tension and ‘requested consensual pain’, he agrees but cannot adhere so I had to lend a ‘hand’… My hand reaches for the excess rope that encases his testicles tight and I pull up, his feet leave the ground and his body is rendered motionless. I give the Mistresses the go ahead to continue administering the Max Mosley experience upon his paralyzed carcass. Every now and then I allow Our slave to put his feet back on the shark board as he finally realises he’s stuck between a rock and a hard place.

The Max Mosley experience in the Leeds BDSM playroom

slave 68 is still being chastised for his misdemeanours.
Unfortunately I cannot post the final pictures due to the ‘fun police’!

Do not worry everyone, this well seasoned old goat survived his Max Mosley experience and swore he would never do it again. However today he’s all giddy about playing Mosley again… ‘We the three Leeds Mistresses will be waiting’!

My next blog is about fukbot and ballcrusher that will be posted on Saturday 26thJanuary 2019.

The Leeds BDSM playroom

I, Mistress Firefly and Mistress Candy hanging around after a hardcore fortnight… We know how to roll!

I, Leeds Mistress Firefly will be available at My privately owned and fully equipped Leeds BDSM playroom from Wednesday 23th January 2019 until further notice. Double Domination playtimes with Mistress Candy at reduced tokens are available; Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday for a limited time only. Mistress Candy can provide solo playtimes providing you are understanding that She might need to call on Me for advice as She is still learning the technical side of BDSM (you can DM Mistress Candy on Twitter with your requests and queries. A telephone number and website will be available within the next two-months).

I should also add that Mistress Manouche has Her own privately owned and fully equipped Dungeon in Finsbury Park, London. She can be contacted through Her Twitter @DommeFatale and also Her website.

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