Good late Sunday afternoon to all,

I know I have not blogged for a couple of weeks but I have been super busy within the Leeds BDSM playroom, furry monsters, getting My body back on point with hardcore gym sessions and My project, ‘Cheap Indulgence’ which I will reveal all as soon as possible… It is worth waiting for!

Leeds Mistress Firefly. Professional  Yorkshire Dominatrix.

‘Watch out gurls and slaves, wide-load coming through’!

Leeds Mistress Firefly. Professional Yorkshire Dominatrix.

‘Sometimes life serves us booty-licious fabulousness in the disguise of a Naughty Nurse’.

Leeds Mistresses Firefly & Candy. Professional Yorkshire Mistresses.

‘I am loving having Mistress Candy Leeds back in on a regular basis.
Double the trouble, double the fun you have to supply Us with to feed Our outrageously perverted and twisted appetites.’


Mistress Candy Leeds. Professional Yorkshire Dominatrix.

‘It has absolutely nothing to do with Me what Wicked Nurse Candy is going to do with that huge solid pink cock.
Close your eyes, take a deep breath aaaaand relax’.

Leeds Mistress Firefly. Professional Yorkshire Dominatrix.

‘Gummi elbow length gloves and a sensory deprivation hood… What happened next will definitely make your toes curl!’

The Leeds BDSM playroom will be open seven-days this week (Monday 16thSeptember – Sunday 22ndSeptember 2019) as Mistress Candy Leeds is back, thank goodness as I have had to turn down playtimes due to being far too busy. Trust Me when I state, this Lady can hold Her own in playtime bar two activities to which She still does not feel comfortable with, breath play and severe humiliation. Like Me She does not offer racist, child or animal cruelty roleplays nor does Mistress Candy Leeds offer a sexual service or play naked. Please respect Our boundaries or We will smash yours in!

Yorkshire Mistress. Leeds Dominatrix Firefly.

‘I would love you all to wave a cyber hi to My new gurl, sassy sandy.’

Yorkshire Mistress Firefly. Leeds Dominatrix.

‘My gorgeous gurl, sassy sandy dipping her toes or maybe jumping head first into our wonderful world of fetish, BDSM and male to female transformations’.

Leeds Mistress Firefly. Professional Yorkshire Dominatrix.

‘This picture says it all. sassy sandy put aside her nerves and embraced a whole afternoon of fun and frills with Moi, Mistress Firefly.
I am looking forward to transforming her again!’


Yorkshire Mistress Firefly. Professional Dominatrix.

‘if you’ve a fast mouth you’ll be gagged and hooded. Should you think it is funny to have wandering hands you will end up in mittens or even worse… a very heavy rubber straitjacket.
Ill behaviour will be corrected accordingly.’

Professional Yorkshire Dominatrix. Mistress Firefly.

‘consensual punishment is a reward as I ignore rude and disrespectful behaviour. However should your Wife send you to Me then that is a whole different kettle of fish’.

Should you want to indulge in a debauched playtime with either one of Us / both of Us if you’re feeling dangerous or make a genuine enquiry please telephone or email Us directly. Please note, withheld numbers are always ignored and Mistress candy Leeds can only receive emails at the moment.

Leeds Mistress Firefly. Professional Yorkshire Dominatrix.

‘My slave’s primary owner, his Wife insists I stripe his hynee from top to bottom so She can nip it really hard should he not comply.’

Professional Yorkshire Mistress. Dominatrix Firefly.

“Ouch ouch ouch!”
‘Multiple needles placed evenly through the cock and balls. You would think this was enough… Not for Me!
I released My knife surging with electricity upon My toy’s nether regions. of course he squealed and I laughed’.


Professional Yorkshire Mistresses, Firefly & Candy.

‘Not just two physically powerful Women but also mentally strong who respect all sexes who are deserving’!

Leeds Mistress Firefly & Mistress Candy Leeds. Professional Yorkshire Mistresses.

‘Whilst Mistress Candy Leeds is carefully stretching tedz pleasure hole for a jolly good fisting, I am in charge of the breath-play side.’


MISTRESS CANDY LEEDS. [email protected]

Leeds Dominatrix Firefly & Dominatrix Candy Leeds. Professional Yorkshire Mistresses.

‘A healthy life = Two happy and healthy Yorkshire Mistresses with totally debauched minds!’

Leeds Mistress Firefly. Professional Yorkshire Dominatrix.

‘For those of you who think I live My life in the Leeds BDSM playroom – I do not.
At present I have a project on the go named, ‘Cheap Indulgence’. All will be revealed at some point… soon…ish…’