I, Mistress Firefly woke early on Wednesday morning to see another huge dump of fluffy white snow had covered the Sissy Retreat. Even though it looked so pretty and perfect for a sissy snowball fight in the gardens My primary concern was the safety of Our gurls, taking their time and driving very carefully as I knew they where all on route. One plus that works in Our favour is that the Sissy Retreat is surrounded by working farms, all the Country lanes are kept clear and gritted by the hard-working farmers, thank goodness otherwise the pretty snow would have had Us cancel the February party.

sissy snowball fight

Of course Mistress had a couple of Our gurls in the garden

Both Ms Armstrong and I had everything in order, in full control and ready to roll. There was absolutely zero chaos as We start making over Our gurls transforming them all into sissymaids, maids and sissysluts. We pride Ourselves on Our expertise in feminisation and sissification. The last gurl to arrive was maid tanya, her first visit to the Sissy Retreat and hopefully not her last! I knew from our telephone exchanges that this vivacious, sassy and smart gurl would fit in perfectly and golly didn’t she just!

sissymaid princess and maid tanya.

Two absolutely gorgeous sissy gurls. sissymaid princess & maid tanya enjoying their time together at The Sissy Retreat.

Whilst I was applying tanya’s makeup Ms Armstrong was dolling up maid lottie, sissymaid princess was also sat at the table with us all laughing and joking making tanya feel at home. Throughout the transformation time which We at the Sissy Retreat believe is the most crucial part of the day for bonding with others I thought to Myself, ‘wow, We are so lucky to always have the most fun, intelligent and mischievous gurls visit. I was definitely smiling on the inside as well as out’. All the gurls are adorning fabulous makeup so now it is time to dress them and let them all see their grand reveal in the full length mirrors, after a couple of wardrobe malfunctions… maid lottie in the wrong underwear and I, Mistress Firefly snagging one of tanya’s stockings, “oops”. Done and dusted the gurls get to see themselves and each and everyone loved their own personally tailored makeover. Both Ms Armstrong and I are super-happy at their happiness and awe.

Mistress Firefly and The Sissy Retreat gurls

Mistress Firefly and the gurls of The Sissy Retreat, February 2018.

We guide all Our gurls through to the living room for a group photograph (please note, if you don’t want your picture taken We adhere to this and fully respect your wishes) then they’re all ordered to set the table for high tea. This is not usually the order We start Our parties in but due to a late start and it now being 14:00 hours We know Our gurls need to recharge before cracking on with the rest of the day. Another plus that works in Our favour is that We own the venue so time restrictions do not affect Us. Good thing really as I run on ‘Mistress time’ and Ms Armstrong still needs to learn how to tell the time (She’ll kill Me for saying that)! As usual maid samantha puts on a very traditional spread (We expect nothing but high standards at the Sissy Retreat), all the gurls are laughing, chatting and enjoying the fabulous grub whilst I am buzzing around prepping for the next phase of the day… sissymaid princess is once again watching Me very closely. She knows I’m up to no good…

sissy servitude

The Sissy Retreat maids setting the table for high tea.

High tea at The Sissy Retreat

This is a very rare moment… All Our gurls behaving themselves!

Uniform inspection for all Our maids, sissymaids and sissysluts.

Once all the gurls have performed their house chores; clearing the table, washing and drying they are all called back into the living room for their inspection… ‘And yet again some of the gurls are acting up’…

Naughtiest of them all, maid lottie would not conform, being very cheeky and winding Ms Armstrong up. Ms Armstrong orders sissymaid deidree to fetch Her a ruler, this didn’t work so I took over the chastisement of Our unruly maid and caned the tops of her thighs. There is a pecking order at the Sissy Retreat and Ms Armstrong has worked Her way up from being a maid to Her position now of Housekeeper. We both know that some of Our gurls like to play on this but the bottom line is, ‘if I, Mistress Firefly am called in to take care of an unruly sissy or maid then there’s going to be trouble!’ We all giggled as maid lottie sat very quietly for roughly three-minutes. Job done. As I took a back seat with uniform inspection I could watch all Our gurls. It was lovely to see some of them helping each other out especially maid tanya and sissymaid princess which I knew first hand that their uniforms were perfect however Ms Armstrong marked maid tanya down for her seams not being straight… ‘What came next had the whole room in tears of laughter’…

Ms Armstrong checking seams

No stone is left overturned when it comes to Ms Armstrong and Her uniform inspection.

I, Mistress Firefly (who dressed maid tanya) stood up and poked My interfering nose in. walking over to maid tanya I insisted that her seams were perfectly straight and that Ms Armstrong should delete her last edit, She refused! I’m astonished! I’m a perfectionist and cannot believe Ms Armstrong’s final decision. Then sissymaid princess stands next to Me and takes another look at maid tanya’s seams and bleats out, “Well as far as i’m concerned her seams are the only straight thing about her”. Well everyone just burst into fits of laughter and this was most definitely the ‘fast-mouthed’ statement of the day, to funny, way too funny. (Another plus about the Sissy Retreat. We DO NOT discriminate! Homosexual, heterosexual, not sure or bisexual that’s you and We will never judge. All We ask is that you be yourself, relax and have lots of fun).

The Sissy Retreat gurls of February 2018

Our St.SissyTrinians looking so pretty and angelic…

Deportment training.

We at the Sissy Retreat believe and know that all maids and sissies can walk perfectly and more importantly curtsey no matter age, experience or disability. No sissy or sissymaid is the same hence why We pay attention and understand that ‘one-size does not fit all’. All Our gurls performed well, even naughty maid lottie!

The Sissy Retreat

sissymaid princess & maid tanya setting the bar very high when it comes to the perfect curtsey.

Medical inspection for all Our sissysluts, maids and sissymaids.

Now is the time for I, Mistress Firefly to take over the inspection. I glove up and order two gurls at a time to their medical inspection, ‘of course this is done in front of all the other gurls, ‘nothing like getting acquainted with a bit of humiliation’. All the gurls pass their medicals however two of them have to endure a more thorough procedure so that we can all move on to the fun and games I have planned. With a couple of minor adjustments I wire sissymaid princess and maid tanya up to the electrics, bondage both Our queens to their thrones and I also place nipple clamps to maid tanya for another cheeky distraction. With their hands in bondage mittens and fully shackled in rope-bondage I need to wire another maid up to the remote control electrical box, ‘I like to make Our games a tad challenging’.

Mistress Firefly "Medical Mistress"

It is time to insert something shocking somewhere…

Sissy playtime at the Sissy Retreat.

I’ve paired off two teams; maid lottie and sissymaid princess V’s maid tanya and sissymaid deidre. The object of the game is for deidre and lottie to throw as many grapes as possible into their teammates mouth whilst all being electrocuted by Me, the Lady of the Sissy retreat. The winners were lottie and princess, ‘it’s incredible how competitive Our gurls get when the games begin’. (Another true fact that makes us unique; ‘one size doesn’t fit all’. We at the Sissy Retreat listen to your needs and what you expect to get out of the day. This is why all Our parties have varied dynamics. The Sissy Retreat was created for you not for Us).

Shocking sissies

Awe, two pretty sissies having a shocking time…

Grape in one

Shocking sissies catching grapes. This was darn funny to watch, especially seen as though I had the controls!

BDSM playtime for two of Our sissymaids.

Two of Our gurls need to make the drive back home as the snow is coming down thick and fast but We are left with sissymaid deidre, maid tanya and sissymaid princess. Ms Armstrong orders deidre to take care of the house chores whilst I, Mistress Firefly slips away into Our fully equipped BDSM playroom at the Sissy Retreat. I think maid tanya was rather surprised this room existed, whereas sissymaid princess is an old timer here. All I will say right now, the BDSM playroom got pretty hot and a fun time was has… We at the Sissy Retreat don’t do crass it’s not Our style so I will leave it to your imaginations. However one thing all three of us decided on was a jolly good snowball fight to cool down. It is amazing to have the grounds to play outside and even though it was bloody cold we had an absolute blast.

Mistress V's sissies

Mistress Firefly V’s sissies in heels & snow… ‘snowball fight’!

The time has come to wind down and enjoy supper before heading back into the real world (supper is included should you be able to stay longer).

Supper time at The Sissy Reteat

It is time for supper at The Sissy Retreat.

Both Ms Armstrong and I, Mistress Firefly would like to thank all Our gurls for making the difficult journey in the snow and also being so much fun… There is a reason why We refer to you all as Our ‘St.SissyTrinians’…you all rock!!

‘Great news’, Mistress Helen Ryder is joining the Sissy retreat for Our April 4th party, ‘whoop whoop’. This means that the cap of seven sissies, maids or the likeminded can be increased to nine! We like to keep our parties elite, small, professional and down right fabulous. Plus ‘with a happy smile on My face’, I can state that all Our gurls return so places are always limited. However don’t be afraid as we’re a very friendly bunch and Our parties are never rushed and are always catered to your personal requirements.

“We know how to roll at the Sissy Retreat”!

For all enquiries and bookings you will have to telephone or email Me directly. Please note, withheld numbers are always ignored. All Our 2018 parties are listed on Our events page and a non-refundable deposit is required unless We know you then you’re exempt.

Mistress Firefly. 07761 184 643.