I, Leeds Mistress Firefly could not be happier with how Mistress Candy applied Herself yesterday on Her debut BDSM / fetish playtime. Any Mistress will tell you that it can be rather daunting the first time entering a professional fully equipped playroom, with a willing slave in it waiting patiently to be an experimental torture / tease toy. “I will tell you all straight… Mistress Candy owned the playroom and Our collared slave, snivelling grovel”!

Leeds Mistresses

Trainee Mistress Candy taking hold of the electrical sound.

Anyone can learn how to be a Dominatrix but the most important attribute that cannot be learnt, taught or falsified, the magical ingredient… ‘Being yourself’, nothing shouts louder than an honest, fun and sincere personality. Of course Our slaves are here to serve Us but they should never be treated as stupid, they will see right through a ‘chosen persona’ and dismiss further servitude. Fortunately Mistress Candy is true to Herself and Our collared slave, (who is not backwards in coming forwards when his opinion is required) snivelling grovel was blown away by Her natural ability to be sweet but very mischievous. This was the most delightful music to My ears.

Leeds Mistresses

Mistress Firefly leaving trainee Mistress Candy to torture snivelling grovel’s nipples.

Mistress Candy has been providing muscle worship, tied and teased and wrestling but wanted to explore the world of BDSM and Fetish further so when She mentioned this to Me, I was more than happy to oblige. You can never gage how a trainee Mistress will behave faced with a slave, professional environment and scary intimate activities… Medical fetish…

After restraining Our slave in basic but effective rope bondage We, the Leeds Mistresses begin Our infiltration of the slave’s urethra with a shocking metal object… “Yes, an electrical sound”.  Mistress Candy watched, listened and then performed the sounding with perfection. Our collared slave squealed as Mistress Candy took care of the ‘maggot violation’ and I, Leeds Mistress Firefly took care of ‘the torturing of huge nipples’. (One of My hands might have slipped and turned up the electrics).

Leeds Mistresses

You cannot beat a good derrière shot!

So far We’ve got hooding, electrics, nipple torture / play, basic rope bondage and mental torment down to a T. Now it is time to explore the ‘hole’… prostate massage.

How in the world I can guide a trainee Mistress is not all down to Me. Our slave, snivelling grovel helped by twitching, moaning through his very tight hood and letting out an ‘excited wee’. Another wicked but playful activity taken care of. I have also informed Mistress Candy that not all prostates are in the same place, sometimes you need to probe closer or root further afar. Our slave loved it and now it is time for teased and denial…

Leeds Mistresses

Trainee Mistress Candy is an absolute natural.

So, We the Mistresses of Leeds decide to release ‘the slag’… the Venus 2000 a toy that should be pleasurable, satisfying and heavenly. However the Mistresses of Leeds have different ideas. Mistress Candy and I, Leeds Mistress Firefly take it upon Ourselves to keep this miserable collared slave on the edge…

Leeds Mistresses

I, Leeds Mistress Firefly did guide and oversee all BDSM / fetish activities.

The end.

I, Leeds Mistress Firefly will be available at the Leeds BDSM playroom until Friday 11thJanuary. Mistress Candy will be available Wednesday 9thfor trainee Double Domination.

Please note, withheld numbers are always ignored.

Play safe. Stay safe!

Leeds Mistress Firefly. 07761 184  643.