It was about time that Mistress Candy Leeds met Our hilarious slave, massive-shocker. On entering the Leeds BDSM playroom massive-shocker is always on tenterhooks, panic stricken and somewhat embarrassed with his new fabulous fetish… Tampon training.

I, Leeds Mistress Firefly have known massive-shocker for roughly seven-years however five-years ago I left a box of Tampax in the playroom bathroom, very quickly all attentions were solely fixed upon the tampons that lay inside this box. We have always had the most outrageous and spontaneous playtimes dipping in and out of various head spaces, laughter and fear however over the last few years tampons have always been heavily involved in our fetish meetings. On explaining how massive-shocker ticks to Mistress Candy Leeds, She is super excited to meet him and is raring to tease him to tears.

Tampon training

Leeds Mistress firefly and Mistress Candy Leeds provide tampon training classes for slave, massive-shocker.

Pleasantries out of the way We restrain massive-shocker to the examination chair, he looks at Mistress Candy Leeds and asks, “i bet you think i’m a right weirdo?” Mistress Candy Leeds reassures him that this fetish is fun and that you cannot get any more weird than Her and Myself. To be fair She does have a very valid point and We giggle.

With the tampons in plain sight We, the Leeds Mistresses begin about the task of teasing and tormenting massive-shocker always keeping him in a state of submission and heightened excitement. I know very well that this kinky fetishist is chomping at the bit to see those little white strings hanging out of Our panties, for now he will just have to wait as We pull at his nipples and tease his cock with the Hitachi Wand. We are always careful not to arouse him too much with stories of being fertile and the choices of tampons and inserting them.

Mistress Candy Leeds continues with the physical torment as I, Leeds Mistress Firefly tease him visually and mentally by strutting around scantily clad and holding a tampon. We, the Yorkshire Mistresses are giggling as massive-shocker’s excitement goes into overdrive. he knows what I am about to do… ‘tip him over the edge’!

Leeds BDSM playroom

massive-shocker wearing his Tampon with filthy pride!

As I stand in front of massive-shocker with My back to him I unwrap the tampon and pull out the applicator. By this point his breathing has become heavy and his heart rate has jumped. Bending forward slightly only enough to give Our submissive a slight glance of Me inserting the tampon into Myself, I remove the plastic applicator and leave the white string to hang out of My panties. Walking over to Mistress Candy Leeds and massive-shocker I place the applicator into his mouth and order him to taste his Mistress. Right now Our submissive is in his fetish heaven and he also knows that for the first time his new Mistress, Mistress Candy Leeds will be following suit in whipping him up into a fertile frenzy.

I release massive-shocker’s right hand from the leather restraint and I order him to pull delicately on the white string that hangs out of My panties, he must not pull it out but just toy with it. I then order him to let go and make My way over to unwrap another tampon for him to wear. In it goes and at this moment the ‘tampon twins’ are born but we are still waiting for a third…

Mistress Candy Leeds listens to massive-shocker’s pleas to put him out of his misery, ‘where would the fun be in that?’ We, the Yorkshire Mistresses laugh as Our submissive is fraught with excitement at becoming the tampon triplets however Mistress Candy Leeds will not budge… yet…

Leeds Mistress Firefly, Mistress Candy Leeds & slave, massive-shocker

Tampon training is always fun, real fun!

After a handful of very close ‘sex-wee’s’ Mistress Candy Leeds walks over to the lonely tampon and asks massive-shocker, “wouldn’t it be just awful if I inserted this tampon into Myself with you blindfolded”? Bloody hell, I thought Our submissive was going to die right there and then as his excitement becomes his worst reality, no visuals would destroy him. Fortunately for him Mistress Candy Leeds and I start laughing at his ‘lost all hope face’, She unwraps it and inserts it. Our massive-shocker loses himself as we all become the ‘tampon triplets’.

‘What goes in must come out’…

Mistress Candy Leeds and I, Leeds Mistress Firefly release massive-shocker’s hands from the leather restraints. Ordered to hold on to both white strings he is definitely submerged back into his happy place. As I never plan a playtime, I couldn’t think of anything more boring, I glance at Mistress Candy Leeds and She knows exactly what is on My mind…

Reaching behind Her, Mistress Candy Leeds has the ‘slag’ (Venus 2000) ready for action, massive-shocker is holding onto the white strings for dear life. All I can say is, “three tampons were pulled out and an explosion occurred…

I, Leeds Mistress Firefly am available at the Leeds BDSM playroom from Tuesday through until Sunday (with the odd Monday thrown in) on a weekly basis unless stated otherwise via @fireflybdsm on Twitter (please note, you do not have to follow My Twitter to see what I am up to on a daily basis).  Mistress Candy Leeds is available on Wednesday and Friday also the odd weekend and Monday afternoon. Her website is in the process of being built and will be live soon!

My Leeds BDSM playroom is privately owned and fully equipped with ample on street free parking.

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