“Okay, I know it doesn’t come as a surprise that My fabulous blonde head has never functioned like the ‘normal person’, this is Me and I love being a weird spontaneous Me”… Monday is My Sunday…

Leeds Mistress Firefly.

“Kiss it bitches”!

From the outside the way I, Leeds Mistress Firefly conduct My life might look like absolute chaos, even I look at it and sometimes think should I try to be ‘normal’, “hell to the NO”! Hence why as a general rule I like a Monday to get My cards in order then from Tuesday onwards just muck around creating such wicked manifestations for My sadistically playful pleasure.

It is a late Monday morning and I have a rough plan of how My day is going to pan-out and I should mention that this loose plan is in My head and not written down. In My head I have a productive Monday ahead of Me and nothing is going to change this… Then I receive a text message off med-man politely requesting a cheeky hour playtime this afternoon. I am feeling cruel and I happily oblige… he has no idea of what lays ahead.

solitary confinement

Rubber straitjacket, steel chastity and solitary confinement is in order!

Knowing that med-man has finished his work for the day and he’s no time restraint I deem it necessary to restrain in a heavy rubber straitjacket, chastity and cage him for a period whilst I finish off ‘adulting’. Left alone in the darkness with white noise filling the Leeds BDSM playroom I wander back up the stone staircase and continue with My chores however always keeping an alert ear. I admit that I do enjoy holding a slave in solitary confinement, leaving him to entertain his own thoughts and lose track of all time. Every thirty-minutes I, Leeds Mistress Firefly take a sneaky peek on My slave, no verbal exchange just a fleeting glance between the ‘Captor and the captive’ in the slight crack of light from the open door.

Captor and the captive

Leeds Mistress Firefly locks Her slave up for hours…

Over three-hours have passed by, I hit the switch of the brightest lights to the playroom, I hear a groan as the brightness hurts his eyes and I leave him to stew longer. In My Leeds BDSM playroom you can see absolutely no daylight nor can you see a clock so spending time in solitary confinement can be a ‘head-wrecker’. Another twenty-minutes or so I open the heavy wooden door and make My descent down the stone staircase dressed as a Stable Girl; ripped dirty jodhpurs, polo shirt and knackered mucking out boots. It is now time for My slave to suffer for intruding on My Monday…

Chastity and rubber straitjacket

Mistress Firefly made sure that Her slave was nice and snug in the Leeds BDSM playroom.

Keeping med-man in the straitjacket and chastity I order him onto Firefly’s Goliath where I set about restraining his weakened body to the rack with ropes.  I am aware that now he is nervous and quite rightly so as this slave has known Me for over ten-years, ‘the lucky bugger’ and knowing that I never play inside the box, always being creative and sometimes I can be a tad heavy handed. However over the years he’s always darkened My doors.

The sorcery of electrical play ignites the cries of “to spare him mercy”, like hell I will for if I was to spare his already tired and tormented mind and body he would never return, boundaries are there to be pushed providing it is consensual. Sick to the back teeth of his pathetic meaningless begging I decide to give him something to cry about… ‘THE KNIFE’!

Leeds Mistress Firefly is ELECTRIC!

Stable Girl Firefly cuts med-man’s maggot off….”Okay, She didn’t but to the slave that’s how it felt”.

The knife is an implement of mass fear. Shockingly enough it is electric replicating the painful feelings of a deep cut or the slicing of flesh depending on the intensity. Please do remember folk that med-man is still in steel chastity that doesn’t just encase his maggot but a steel rod is fully inserted into his urethra for an extra snug but uncomfortable fit. So, given the chastity device and then the knife thrown into the mix… sparks definitely flew! I, Leeds Mistress Firefly did allow med-man the pleasure of the ‘slag’ (Venus 2000) for suffering for My sadistically playful pleasure… “I do have a heart”…

Electrical play and chastity



On other matters, I, Leeds Mistress Firefly am available as usual at My privately owned and fully equipped Leeds BDSM playroom from Tuesday through until Sunday most weeks and as you’ve just read the occasional Monday. My hours of Fetish play are 5am – 5pm. Mistress Candy Leeds is available on Wednesday and Friday and the odd weekend. We also provide double Female Domination playtimes for the fabulous rate of two-hundred shiny Mistress tokens for the hour. Mistress Candy Leeds website will be live within the next six-weeks, for now you can email or contact Her directly via Twitter @MistressCandyL1.


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