Medical Fetish Mistress

“Drop your pants!”

In the year 2017 I, Mistress Firefly discovered a new passion, something I took too ‘like a duck to water’ Feminisation / transformations. I practiced long and hard to perfect My makeover and dressing skills and as we all know, ‘there is always room for improvement’. However do not misunderstand Me, I still love and revel in the creative artistry of BDSM and Fetish, tormenting slaves and moulding them into the toy I desire them to be. I have a few Mantra’s that I live by and ‘variety is the spice of life’ is one of them!

A safe playspace for sissy-gurls.

Mistress taking care of Our gurls at The Sissy Retreat.

In December one of Our gurls, sissy trixy arrived at the door of The Sissy Retreat, never before had she seen a Dominatrix, Disciplinarian or TV Mistress in the flesh, she was fresh and new to Our wonderful world. It was lovely to see sissy trixy settle in well at The Sissy Retreat and now, next week she is visiting Me in My Leeds BDSM playroom for her first BDSM experience. Even though I am a tad under the weather with the lurgy I am smiling from ear to ear…‘trust and respect is absolute paramount as well as fun and professionalism’. I have some ideas of what games I am going to play with her but to those of you who know Me well… ‘Leeds Mistress Firefly likes to change her mind more than the wind changes direction’. I will keep you posted with pictures of the playtime.

Corporal punishment.

“Trust Me slave, you’ll have a sore hynee for a week!”

I should mention one of My long standing collared slaves, 68 whom in 2017 acquired a penchant for forced-bi and being fully transformed into the sissy-slut she is (sissy-slut deidre). Ms’ Armstrong, Hannah Mac and I couldn’t believe the drastic change in the gurl’s demeanour once fully transformed…”All Our gurls always look amazing but at times act like bratty prissy monsters”…


‘gurls behaving badly’!

My next slave that I want to mention is one of My pain-sluts, snivelling grovel whom also wanted to experience the full professional feminisation makeover before being tortured and tormented by Moi, his Mistress. This was a 6.30am kick off but it was all worth it seeing My grovel’s face when she saw herself looking demure with classical makeup, hair to match and a sassy knee length, low cut dress finished off with nylon stockings and five-inch heels. My snivelling grovel was shocked (not electrically… yet) as to how feminine she looked and is now wanting to come and play at The Sissy Retreat. Confidence, respect and trust is everything! Anyway after a pampering hour or so My slave was then put through her paces at My wickedly playful hands.

Medical Mistress

“Something had to hide for a while!”

The BDSM Playroom

‘I order all Our sissies through to the Retreat’s BDSM Playroom to play wicked games’.

Now gritty charlie another long serving collared slave of Mine whom has always loved Female lingerie; stockings, suspenders, panties and a corselet which he wears daily. When this all round player found out about My new venture into full transformations and The Sissy Retreat he was besides himself. But once again I, Mistress Firefly have created yet another prissy sissy whom likes to think that being dressed in frills, heels and makeup she’s allowed to misbehave…


“Awe, just some of My gorgeous but very naughty gurls!”

Probably the best reaction I have ever had when it comes to transformations is My longest serving fetishist, fukbot. I met fukbot when I was training as a Professional Dominatrix, he guided Me in the art of anal-play, fisting and double-anal-fisting. For this I cannot thank him enough… But he also has a fetish for ‘hooker boots’ and stockings (unfortunately he’s a six like Me so I’ve found him wearing My shoes!) My little anal fiend graced The Sissy Retreat in 2017 and he was steadfast that I, his Mistress could not make him look a million prissy sissy pounds… ‘BOOM, back of the net’, she was so excited with her transformation and cannot wait to attend again this year. “Hello sally-slapper!”


“the clitty pump was definitely needed!”

Mistress Firefly

‘Just mucking around playing naughty medical fetish Nurse in latex’.

sissymaid trixy

“Bless, her first ever inspection in front of all Our gurls”.

I wrote this blog to inform you, yes you there that is thinking ‘okay i like bondage and anal-play but i think it’d be strange to dress in Female clothing even though i really want to’. IT IS NOT WRONG AND IT IS NOTHING TO BE ASHAMED OF! It is fun, exhilarating, mind-blowing and for those of you who want to be around like-minded folk who are adorable and a tad mischievous, you know where to come! At My Leeds BDSM playroom or The Sissy Retreat We DO NOT have the Mantra, ‘one size fits all’, you are all unique and We know this!

Rope Bondage...

“If you try to run rings around Mistress, this is how you’ll end up.”

Nothing is boring!

‘Silly fun and games at The Sissy Retreat, great times!’

To enquire or book a BDSM / Fetish playtime, a dressing room experience or join the party at The Sissy Retreat all you have to do is email or telephone Me directly. Please note, withheld numbers are always ignored.


“This sissymaid had to work hard this Sunday.”

Mistress Firefly. 07761 184 643.


‘Where naughty boys become obedient gurls at’