I am a highly experienced Dominatrix who is well versed in all aspects of Domination, Fetish and Role-play. I have honed my skills to such a fine point that a session under my command can range from mild to severe.
Novices – Novices are more than welcome to see Me, having such a fine understanding of My art and the tools I use, I can easily adjust the intensity of our sessions to suit.

  • General fetishes – Tied and teased, smoking fetish and human ashtray, foot and leg worship, body worship (not intimate), forced bi, slave training, role-play, sissy slut training.
  • Bondage – Leather, Metal, Rope, cling film, rubber, mummification, body bag, sensory deprivation, suspension and restrictive bondage.
  • Anal play – From a prostate massage right through to double anal fisting.
  • Corporal Punishment – This can vary from a mild over the knee spanking right through to a judicial caning. As well as my firm hand and the cane you can also be subjected to the slipper, tawse, soft floggers, belt, heavy knotted floggers, paddles etc… Intensity can be adjusted to suit personal preference.
  • Venus2000 (milking machine) – This can be absolute ecstasy or sheer hell depending on My mood.
  • Cock and Ball Torture – the list is endless!! Ranging from mild to severe you will have the option to experience electric play, rope bondage, vampire glove, hot wax, weights, cigarette burns, heels, pulling and squeezing, sounds, stinging nettles, Fiery Jack and much more.
  • Electric play – experience the sensual and stimulating effects that can be achieved, and on the flip side pure endurance play which is not for the faint hearted.
  • Humiliation – Feel the sharp tongue of Mistress one on one or be ridiculed by a number of Mistresses.
    Are you brave? Then take Mistress to lunch or shopping and feel the wrath of public humiliation for Mistress’s cruel pleasure.
  • Maid and slave training – Be warned that Mistress is a perfectionist and sets standards high. If you impress Mistress with being consistent and always happy to oblige then you will be rewarded with such duties as joining me shopping and serving at my home.
  • Medical play – This can involve sounds, needles, catheters, enema play, prostate massage and dental gags.
  • Fetishism and sensation play – Mistress has a vast wardrobe of rubber, leather, pvc and fur. For me and for you.
  • Ball busting and severe beatings – Well-seasoned players are more than welcome to feel the brutality and force that one has. However the novice will be carefully introduced.
  • Breath-play – Mistress is more than happy to use plastic bags, rubber vac bed, re-breathing hoods and water.
  • Cross dressing and rubber doll service – You may bring along your outfits or choose from the vast selection at the Chambers.

Late night sessions – Late night sessions will never be available to new clients nor will over night appointments. However to my already obedient army of misfits, perverts and sluts… this lies at my discretion.

Any types of role-play involving harm or distress to animals or children, Sexual services.Hard-sports, Queening, Adult baby (as I do not have the facilities), Dolce (yes I am frequently asked for this), Wrestling, Racist role-play. Breath play involving illegal substances. And I never play naked or topless.

Leeds Mistress Firefly. Professional Yorkshire Dominatrix
Transforming Dreams: A Blushing Bride’s Journey with Leeds Mistress Firefly
25th May 2023

Step into the enchanting world of Leeds Mistress Firefly as she unveils the mesmerizing journey of emily-bride’s male-to-female transformation. From elegant frocks to steel-boned corsets, witness the magic unfold as dreams become reality in the Leeds BDSM Playroom. Book your own unique experience with Mistress Firefly today!

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Leeds Mistress Firefly. Professional Yorkshire Dominatrix
Adventures in Domination: A Week of Double Female Domination with Leeds Mistress Firefly and Sussex Mistress Manouche
7th April 2023

Join Leeds Mistress Firefly and Sussex Mistress Manouche on a wild and unforgettable week of Double Female Domination. From misfit adventures and steam train trips to dining at Pizza Hut, discover the camaraderie, friendship, and unbreakable bond between these two Mistresses. Book your electrifying playtime experience today!

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Leeds Mistress Firefly. Professional Yorkshire Dominatrix
Leeds Mistress Firefly. Leeds BDSM journal. 31/01/23.
31st January 2023

Join Leeds Mistress Firefly in her debauched BDSM Playroom as she welcomes new human-toys and shares her sassy attitude in a collection of captivating photographs. Discover the secrets of her private sanctuary and book your wicked playtime today!

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