Its been weeks months and sometimes years of trawling the internet, browsing through contact magazines and using what ever resources relevant to your search in finding Mistress to begin your journey with. You’ve picked up the telephone many times dialled my number and then all of a sudden panicked and hung up. This behaviour continues for periods of time until finally you hear the “hello” touch you from down the telephone line, communication is made and absolute paramount. Now you can breathe again, a big sigh of relief as you’ve just discovered that Mistress is not a monster.

The conversation is rather erratic as your mind is running wild with information you need to pass onto me; I calm you down and carefully extract certain details then repeat it back to you. I have found and not just with the novice that a first telephone exchange is not always honest as the potential new slave is embarrassed about their fetish, don’t be. We all sail in the same ship so when you are honest it gives Mistress a good solid foundation to build upon. I know this can be difficult but what the Hell, bite the bullet and tell Mistress what is on your mind; you’ll never be judged!

Time passes by and our telephone exchange weighs heavily on your mind, you find yourself procrastinating, putting off the inevitable. More time passes by and the urge is getting stronger, you dial My number again and Mistress remembers you. Mistress giggles softly as an appointment is made. At the end of our conversation I state clearly that should you need to cancel or for whatever reason you cannot attend then at least send Me a text message to let Me know, the novice hears this and agrees.

The day has come to begin your new adventure that you have been dreaming about for way too long. Your nerves are shot, head spinning and you feel sick with anticipation. You toy with the idea of cancelling as thoughts are running so fast through your head you cannot think straight. Then I receive a very apologetic text message that you simply cannot make it, as you are far too nervous. Mistress replies to your text, ‘thank you for letting Me know and when you are ready I am here’. Six weeks later and the novice finally met his Mistress in the flesh.

The novice needs to be handled with care, carefully nurturing the fetish and always making sure that he feels safe in his submission.