I, Leeds Mistress Firefly am very fond of My early morning starts especially when I know boundaries can be pushed and tears will fall. My collared slave, snivelling grovel certainly lives up to his name sending endless begging messages, wanting to bite off more than his greedy mouth can chew and then begging for mercy when the fantasy becomes a reality.

Leeds Mistress Firefly

Mistress Firefly lurking around the medical cabinet

Listening to My slave’s constant declarations of love of devotion whilst I restrain him to the examination chair I have to drink more coffee to stay awake. I order him not to bore Me and that all the flattery in the World is not going to save his human flesh today. Firmly restrained and comfortable-ish I being creating My masterpiece.

The prickled nipple

As a rule there should be blood on removal…

The snivelling grovel is all excited as I prep his huge nipples to receive an abundance of needles. As the first needle pierces through the tough mountain of flesh he ‘eeks’, I, Leeds Mistress Firefly laugh and I remind him of My very special removal procedure. ‘I sense he’s trying to count how many needles I am inserting but I know he will soon stop counting and start begging’.

On completing My needle artistry on snivelling grovel’s ‘Roseberry Topping’ nipples I make My way South, way down South… “Hello aching balls”.

Leeds Mistress Firefly

Mistress Firefly just mucking around with sharps and fire

I have to be very precise with how I place the needles as I’ve decided one-hundred of the stingy little critters have to be embedded into the flesh of the scrotum. Like I said precision is paramount as I like to remove them in a special way…

On finishing the insertion of one-hundred needles I smile sweetly as My collared slave breaks out into a cold sweat… “he knows what is coming next”!

Over one hundred and fifty needles where removed from My slave’s flesh with a sizzle, pop and an ‘eek’…

Fetish medical play

What goes in must come out…


Leeds Mistress Firefly

Needle play with maximum impact and minimum mess

“I bet you all thought I had left him high and dry then”?

I, Leeds Mistress Firefly moved the slave to Firefly’s Goliath where I fisted his greedy ass whilst his maggot was hooked up to the Venus 2000. Happy days.


I, Leeds Mistress Firefly am available at My privately owned and fully equipped BDSM playroom. To book a fetish playtime or make a genuine enquiry please email or telephone Me directly. Please note, withheld numbers are always ignored.

On another note; Double Domme playtimes are available with Myself and Mistress Helen Ryder on Friday 17thand Saturday 18thAugust 2018 (200 tokens for the hour). Telephone directly to book your playtime.

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