It comes to no surprise that I, Leeds Mistress Firefly attract the most fun, unruly and mischievous of misfits, however some can be rather shy and nervous when propositioned with a chance of a Double Domination playtime. My dear slave teddy bear is one of them, becoming anxious and allowing his head to spin in the wrong direction… This was all to change when he trusted My word that he would be in Fetish Heaven on meeting Mistress Candy.

This being Mistress Candy’s second playtime as a Professional Dominatrix I reinforced the two most important attributes; to be Yourself and have fun. After all, you the slave might be Our plaything but I am fully aware that you’re not stupid and boring bores you. Prior to teddy bear’s arrival I run through a list of activities that he enjoys and inform of the hard limits that need to be adhered to no matter what. I can see a certain Mistress is all excited about meeting Her second slave and exploring new, creative and debauched games (We are far from protocol in the Leeds BDSM playroom).

The Professional Leeds Mistresses

Mistress Firefly and Mistress Candy mucking around.

A message alert rings out from the ‘Bat phone’ stating teddy bear has arrived, We the Leeds Mistresses make Our way down the stone stairs and greet him at the iron gates with a huge hug and wicked giggles. After a few minutes catch up gossiping about life and adventures We crack on with the outrageous fun and frolics about to take place.

Due to a very severe leg injury I am always thinking up new positions to have teddy bear in as his back and leg can cramp quickly and the pain for him is ugly and most definitely not wanted. I am pleased to announce that on this very morning I discovered his perfect position to be teased and tortured without the unwanted suffering…

The Bondage chair is the only piece of furniture I haven’t used with teddy bear and much to all Our delight is was bloody perfect. The furniture being comfortable is paramount and in being so whatever We the Mistresses inflict upon his body will feel unbelievably uncomfortable… and quite rightly so!

The Venus 2000

Mistress Candy tormenting teddy bear with the Venus 2000

Mistress Candy and I, Leeds Mistress Firefly set about restraining teddy bear into the Bondage chair with heavy leather straps. Once naked, restrained and vulnerable We begin to tease his nipples and cock with Our not so delicate touch, “it is amazing how much ecstasy and pain One’s fingers can cause”. It gets to a point that with only Our hands, eye contact and mucking around Our plaything is beside himself with excitement begging to be put into chastity and sent on his merry way. Not just yet though for We the Mistresses of Leeds want Our wicked fun and release Our creative flair upon his shaking body and captured mind.

Mistress Firefly

Mistress Firefly has many tricks up Her sleeve…

I start to laugh which then sets Mistress Candy off which leads to teddy bear spurting out “OH FUCK”! Yes, Our plaything knows that his Mistresses are up to no good and are going from the red run to off piste and why not? We enjoy living life dangerously…

The double electric pin-wheel comes out so does the Harry Potter wand and surgical clamps, three very different sensations to be administered all at once. With the clamps attached to his nipples and the wand gently caressing his prostate I take the pin-wheel and manoeuvre it nice and slowly from the shaft of his cock to the helmet, teddy bear squeals in delight, confusion and pain which sets Mistress Candy and I off laughing again. As the intensity increases he screams out, “You two must never separate, You’re perfect, fucking perfect”. Of course We increased the intensity even more by accident-ish…

Mistress Candy

Mistress Candy just squishing teddy bear’s nipples…

Having two sets of hands and two vivid and dark imaginations it is super easy to keep Our teddy bear in a frenzied state for the entirety of Our playtime but then leaving with a ‘what the Hell just happened’ feeling and an overwhelming urge to come back as soon as possible, “which he did. Again and again and again.” You know it works when everyone leaves thinking ‘wow’.

Leeds Professional Mistresses

‘And down the hole it goes’

I am often referred to as being Maverick and in all honesty I know I am, finding it hard and boring to conform, follow protocol and dismissing rules (certain rules) and Mistress Candy whom I’ve been friends with for a long time is exactly the same… as teddy bear discovered in his Double Domination playtime. I know for a fact he was shocked that two powerful and very playful Women could share the same attitude and outlook on life, not taking Ourselves seriously and just having an absolute ball. As far as We’re concerned life is way too fabulous and way too outrageous to live in a box… We live outside it!

The Leeds BDSM Playroom

Our slave, teddy bear had sore nipples for a week!
Life could be worse…

I, Leeds Mistress Firefly will be back in the Leeds BDSM playroom tomorrow, Monday 4thFebruary 2019. Mistress Candy will be in on Wednesday and Friday this week. I am more than happy for Mistress Candy to see you, one on one providing the your chosen activities are not too technical and of course respectful. Double Domination playtimes are also available on Wednesday and Friday.

To book a playtime or make a genuine enquiry please feel free to telephone or Email Me directly. If you would like to see Mistress Candy you will have to speak with Me directly, this is temporary until training is complete. Please note, withheld numbers are always ignored.

You can also see what We’re up too on a daily basis via Twitter even without being a member or following us. Just search – @fireflybdsm @MistressCandyL1.

All BDSM / Fetish playtimes are tailored to suit.

My playroom is privately owned and fully equipped.

Mistress Firefly. 07761 184 643.

Professional Dominatrix

Leeds Mistress