(The photographs in this post are NOT of misfit, unknown).

Good afternoon to My army of misfits and the curious. Once again I, Leeds Mistress Firefly hope you are all well and continuing to take the right precautions to stay fit and well. Rules might have been relaxed but it does not mean C19 is dead and buried so do not get complacent! 

Leeds Mistress Firefly. Professional Yorkshire Dominatrix.
I, Leeds Mistress Firefly and one of my besties, Marvz all sweaty after K1 training but being safe on our grocery shop.

Over the years I have met many a human-toy who have given a ‘poor performance’ and some of them have become loyal and mischievous misfits. It always makes Me laugh hard when meeting a piece of fresh-meat and they’re just way too excited that all their bodily functions that they’ve learned to control from being young goes out of the window. My misfit, unknown whom I have known for many years but never written about, he’s always been very private up until yesterday when he politely requested ‘would I blog about him’?

I nearly fell off My heels!

(Public notice; I, Leeds Mistress Firefly have a handful of misfits who have served Me for many years. These misfits will never be spoken about, to anyone as they want to keep their playtimes private, between just I and them, such requests are always respected and honoured).

Over the years I, Leeds Mistress Firefly and misfit, unknown have had a rollercoaster of a journey exploring not just the physical side to BDSM and Fetish but also the mental side; digging deep to find out what boundaries can be pushed and also new adventures to embark upon. Me personally, I love the journey and the surprise / shock a human-toy has when I open Pandora’s Box…

Pandora’s Box was definitely opened with misfit, unknown! The first few months it was very much the same kink / fetish, nothing too outlandish but very middle of the road… Boy has this changed over the years! The playtimes have gone from mild nipple torture, mild anal play and blah blah rope bondage to extreme bondage, medical play, bagging, CP and fulltime chastity. This greedy misfit will try anything once, twice and a third time to be sure; And I, Leeds Mistress Firefly certainly love a trier. 

Leeds Mistress Firefly. Te Leeds BDSM Playroom.
This is my misfit, sassy sandy. I had her in the other day for four-hours of fun and frolics… My next post will be about this sassy, frilly sissy.

The way I roll at The Leeds BDSM Playroom with misfits, human-toys and fresh-meat who have a vast library of activities they like to engage in is to pinpoint the three main ones they are yearning for at this moment. Whether I, Leeds Mistress Firefly deliver such activities to feed their insatiable appetites is another story all together! 

My misfit, unknown has experienced a vast array of activities over the years that have almost ruined a playtime completely however I, Leeds Mistress Firefly am well versed in pulling it back round. Said activities now make misfit, unknown suffer with premature ejaculation (90% of My misfits are NOT granted such pleasures!) so over lunch all I do is ask him how he is feeling about his ‘poor performance’? And yes, some of My misfits get to take Me for lunch if I am feeling sociable… ‘Which in fairness isn’t that often’. 

My misfit, unknown will continue to serve Me, Leeds Mistress Firefly until the day one of us dies!

The End. 

I, Leeds Mistress Firefly am available at My privately owned, sterile and fully equipped Leeds BDSM Playroom seven-days a week unless stated otherwise. Please note, I only see two human-toys per day so same day playtimes are pretty much none existent. I should also state, withheld numbers are always ignored so check your telephone settings! 

Double Female Domination with Mistress Candy Leeds is available Monday to Friday. Two hundred and twenty Mistress tokens required for the hour.

Leeds Mistress Firefly & Mistress Candy Leeds.
‘One of My favourite humans to play along side; Mistress Candy leeds. Resident Professional Dominatrix at The Leeds BDSM Playroom.’

To experience the most bizarre, mind-blowing and fabulously torturous Yorkshire has to offer in Professional Female Domination (no sexual services) all you have to do is telephone or email Me directly. The novice is always welcome, just read My novice page. 

My Leeds BDSM Playroom is situated 1.9 miles from Leeds Central Station, 2.2 miles off the M621 and 5miles from Leeds / Bradford Airport. 

Ample on street free and safe parking available. 

Leeds Mistress Firefly. 07761 184 643.

[email protected]