Good afternoon to My army of misfits and the curious. I hope you are all well and still being sensible with the relaxation of restrictions? Remember the dreaded C19 has not gone away and none of us want another bloody lockdown. Anyway let Me, your Leeds Mistress Firefly tell you a little story of real life V’s BDSM life. 

Leeds Mistress Firefly. The Leeds BDSM Playroom, West Yorkshire.
‘I, Leeds Mistress Firefly will continue to wear my mask and avoid any creepy interaction. Seriously though, stay safe!’

Real life is all about suffering with insomnia for months at a time, this time round I am on month seven. I’m pretty good at managing it as I do not need much sleep but every now and then I crave ‘real sleep’ and this hit Me on Wednesday morning after falling asleep at 5am instead of waking up at this hour, I had twenty-minutes to get into The Leeds BDSM Playroom.  Thank goodness it was My misfit, colon candy whom I have known for a zillion years, he was not bothered that I rocked up ten-minutes late with a large black coffee and no makeup. As we have known each other for many years we natter about everything, the colon candy dropped a bomb for My insomnia… Phenergan. I, Leeds Mistress Firefly was a massive IDIOT and took two; 25mg little blue pills that evening, I slept straight through from 9pm to 5am, it was heaven however I had no idea about how ruined I was going to feel for the whole day, Thursday. 

Leeds Mistress Firefly. Professional Yorkshire Dominatrix.
‘Note to self; I only need 10mg not 50mg!’

Jeez Thursday morning and I feel like I’ve been hit with a sledgehammer, pulling Myself together to get the furry monsters out before hitting The Leeds BDSM Playroom was a job and a half! I, Leeds Mistress Firefly did make into My Playroom on time but with a very fuzzy head. I laugh with My misfit snivelling grovel about the little blue pills and My fuzzy head could end up with us in A&E. Throughout the playtime I found Myself drifting off with the fairies, I was always in control but a tad discombobulated. My misfit, snivelling grovel knows I never plan the playtime; I just go with the flow and ride the vibes within the four walls of The Leeds BDSM Playroom.  A lose plan is okay but a fully timed itinerary is just boring. 

Leeds Mistress Firefly. Professional BDSM Yorkshire Dominatrix.
‘Oh my chuffing chuffers, early Thursday morning and I am absolutely pie-eyed from My little blue pill greed. Even a strong Yorkshire Tea or three didn’t pull me round.’

I, Leeds Mistress Firefly always produce the wackiest playtimes by gaging what kind of mood My human-toy is in, what mood I Am in and what part of the human-toy’s body is most reactive to My ‘not so delicate touch’.  On this given morning with My very fuzzy head I notice My misfit is super reactive to his balls be tied tight and then squeezed even tighter; this is a first for My grovz and this cruel activity played a recurring part in the playtime. I should stress this wasn’t the only activity! The main activity was prolonged bondage; I do love mucking around with ropes and leather restraints. I should stress even more that My misfit, snivelling grovel survived and I, Leeds Mistress Firefly spent the whole day with a very fuzzy head; ‘note to self, don’t go crazy with the little blue pills! 

Leeds Mistress Firefly. The Leeds BDSM Playroom, West Yorkshire.

I, Leeds Mistress Firefly am available at My privately owned and fully equipped Leeds BDSM Playroom seven days a week unless stated otherwise. I only see two human-toys a day so same day playtimes are a no-no. Mistress Candy Leeds is also available for Double Female Domination playtimes (220 shiny gold coins for the hour).

Leeds Mistress Firefly. Professional Yorkshire Dominatrix.
‘I might have had a fuzzy head on this Thursday morning but I can still smash out some eye-candy rope work’.

My Leeds BDSM Playroom is situated 1.9 miles from Leeds, West Yorkshire Central Station, 4.1 miles off the M6201 and 5.1 miles from Leeds/Bradford Airport. Ample on street free and safe parking is available. 

Leeds Mistress Firefly. The Leeds BDSM Playroom, West Yorkshire.
‘My misfit’s charlies were freezing and aching by the end of the playtime.’

To book your wicked playtime or make a genuine enquiry please telephone or email Me directly. Please note, withheld numbers are always ignored. 

Leeds Mistress Firefly. The Leeds BDSM Playroom, West Yorkshire.
‘It’s not just about pain, suffering and misery in The Leeds BDSM Playroom… you have to look good whilst I ruin you!’


Leeds Mistress Firefly. The Leeds BDSM Playroom, West Yorkshire.
‘Saturday kicked off with an outrageous playtime with my misfit, unknown… then…’

Leeds Mistress Firefly. 07761 184 643.

Leeds Mistress Firefly. The Leeds BDSM Playroom, West Yorkshire.
‘… We hit the City. Cracking lunch at Sous Le Nez then shopping’.

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