Good afternoon to My army of misfits and the curious. I hope you are all well and still living life sensibly as we are not out of the weeds yet. My super high standards have always and will always continue at The Leeds BDSM Playroom, our health, privacy and outrageous behaviour is absolute paramount! Anyway, less of the boring shite lets crack on with the show…

Leeds Mistress Firefly. Professional Dominatrix.
‘Just Moi, Leeds Mistress Firefly sporting pointy tits and relaxing before my misfit, peeping tom arrives.’

Since the easing of Covid lockdowns I, Leeds Mistress Firefly have met some fun and hilarious pieces of fresh meat; I can go as far to say there isn’t one I wouldn’t see again, ‘and I am a Fussy Bugger!’ Saying this though I do think I am pretty darn good at weaning out the ones who will not meet the grade just by the interaction over the telephone. I have honed the skill of ‘just hanging up and blocking’. It is that simple. 

The Leeds BDSM Playroom. Leeds Mistress Firefly.
‘This afternoon I met gobby-bobby for the first time and boy did he make an impact!’

Having had a couple of telephone exchanges with a cheeky Yorkshire chappie who had become way too excited about coming to visit Me, Leeds Mistress Firefly we arranged a date to play… Wednesday afternoon arrived and so did this absolute bonkers character, ‘right up My Street’. It’s not often I get a piece of fresh meat or a misfit rocking up with a briefcase because he thinks it looks like he’s selling insurance. I nearly peed My panties laughing and I knew that we were going to have a great playtime. 

Leeds Mistress Firefly. Professional Yorkshire Dominatrix.
‘I didn’t do it. it wasn’t me… honestly’.

Consultation done (I do one via telephone exchange and then again on entering My Leeds BDSM Playroom) we crack on with Moi, Leeds Mistress Firefly having devious and creative fun whilst My new human-toy has to grin and bare all… 

I’m pretty sure My new misfit, gobby-bobby wont mind Me letting you all know that he is seventy-four years young and has only recently discovered our beautifully debauched World of BDSM and Fetish. Being fit and healthy I am granted free reign providing I leave no marks… ‘Mental marks are invisible…’

With gobby-bobby having limited experience and his request of cock and ball torture and mild anal play with a ‘hook-up’ with the slag (Venus 2000) I, Leeds Mistress Firefly pushed boundaries but not to the point of breaking. What would be the point in that? Like lambs to the slaughter or soya to Greggs the fun is in the slow burning taking of your soul. 

Leeds Mistress Firefly. Professional Yorkshire Dominatrix.
‘This is how I have been rolling these past few days; minimum clothing’.

I, Leeds Mistress Firefly have to say that My new misfit, gobby-bobby did very well to say he has very limited experience. I can also confirm that he preferred the Doxy to the slag, Venus 2000… different strokes for different folks. No pun intended… 

I, Leeds Mistress Firefly am available for wicked playtimes at My privately owned and fully equipped Leeds BDSM Playroom seven-days a week unless I state otherwise. Please note, I only play twice a day so no same day playtimes available. Withheld numbers are always ignored so check your settings on your telephone before calling Me. 

Leeds Mistress Firefly & Mistress Candy Leeds.
‘One of My favourite humans to play along side; Mistress Candy leeds. Resident Professional Dominatrix at The Leeds BDSM Playroom.’

My Leeds BDSM Playroom is situated 1.9 miles from Leeds Central Station and 5.1 miles from Leeds / Bradford airport. Ample on street free and safe parking. 

To book our wicked playtime please telephone or email Me directly. Like I have mentioned before, withheld numbers are always ignored so check your settings! 

Leeds Mistress Firefly & Mistress Manouche South.
‘One of my best friends EVER! I love having Mistress Manouche South come to visit. She will be back at the end of November’!

Leeds Mistress Firefly. 07761 184 643. 

[email protected]

Sussex mistress Manouche. The Leeds BDSM Playroom.
‘Bad Nurse Manouche’

On another note; Mistress Candy Leeds is still about from time to time, Her availability I will post on Twitter (you can see this through My website). Mistress Manouche will be back in Leeds, West Yorkshire at the end of November for more Double Female Domination badassery, solo playtimes with Her will also be available. 

Mistress Manouche South. 07555 119 673.

Mistress Manouche South. The Leeds BDSM Playroom.
‘If you’re down South and want to visit a Professional Dominatrix who brakes all the rules and thinks outside the box. GET IN TOUCH WITH THIS ABSOLUTE BEAUTY!’