Good afternoon to the like-minded and the curious,

Given a lot of you have been away / still away on your holidays the Leeds BDSM playroom has been quiet this past week. I, Leeds Mistress Firefly am not complaining though, projects have had My full undivided attention plus smashing it extra hard in the gym had left Me rather sore. Also Mistress Candy Leeds was homebound with sickness, fortunately She’s a lot better now.

Leeds Mistress Firefly.

‘There’s always a start to a journey down into the unknown. This is how this one began’.

Mistress Firefly. Leeds Professional Dominatrix.

‘As I allow the plastic bag to become smaller and smaller My slave struggles to breathe. Unbeknown to him shit is going to become a whole lot scarier.

The week commencing Monday 12th August 2019 is a very different story. I have limited availability, Monday and Tuesday. Fully booked on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday through to Sunday I can be flexible. Mistress Candy Leeds is available on  Wednesday, Friday and Sunday (She will require a £50 deposit from new slaves as It takes Her over an hour to get here. I will leave Candy’s contact details at the bottom of the post).

I, Leeds Mistress Firefly must stress that the Leeds BDSM playroom DOES NOT work on a ‘revolving door’ ethic! We do not rush folk in or out and neither of us watch the clock, We have fun and go at Our own pace providing you are not time restricted.

The Leeds BDSM playroom.

‘A little bit of light re-breathing to ease My slave in to the ultimate fear’.

Mistress Firefly. Leeds professional Dominatrix.

‘Allowing My slave a minute or two to digest what has just happened and what is in store for him…’

The Mistresses that play from My Leeds BDSM playroom are My friends, I do not rent My space out!

Yorkshire Professional Dominatrix. Leeds Mistress Firefly.

‘Damn to the Hell the plastic bag temporarily suffocated My slave. As his muffled begs for mercy fell upon My ears, I ignored until I deemed it was the right moment to release him’.

Yorkshire Mistress, Leeds Dominatrix Firefly.

‘I expect AAA in every corner of My world and this set of backdoors is definitely get smashed in!’


Leeds Dominatrix, Mistress Firefly.

‘My slave would have loved to suck on My big pink cock however whilst I fucked him hard in the pleasure hole I stalled his breathing…’

To book a wicked playtime or make a genuine enquiry please telephone or email Myself, Leeds Mistress Firefly or Mistress Candy Leeds directly. Please note, withheld numbers are always ignored.

professional Leeds Dominatrix. Mistress Firefly.

‘Moving My slave bound in restraints to Firefly’s Goliath was easy.
Tethering him down with leather was also easy but he didn’t know what was coming next…
The Venus 2000 sucking on his cock whilst being suffocated.
Piece de resistance’.


MISTRESS CANDY LEEDS. 07853 185 863.

Mistress Candy Leeds perfecting Her rope skills.

‘Mistress Candy Leeds turned professional in January this year. She is definitely holding Her own roping Our rubber toy to the examination chair’.