Leeds Mistresses, Mistress Firefly & Mistress Manouche.

‘It was defiantly the calm before the storm as Our slave awaits his fate whilst locked in the cage.
The silly fool wanted the ‘Max Mosley’ experience & this is what he got…’

Mistress Firefly, Mistress Manouche & Mistress Candy. The Leeds BDSM playroom.

‘This week is going to be a crazy one in the Leeds BDSM playroom.
“Anyone fancy the Max Mosley experience?”
Triple Female Domination.’

Professional Dominatrix Firefly & professional sensual Seductress Manouche.

‘I am super looking forward to seeing this absolute Beauty on Wednesday. Not only is Mistress Manouche a very good friend & lots of fun, She is also an amazing Dominatrix!’

Leeds Dominatrix Candy & Leeds sensual Seductress Manouche.

‘Do not be fooled by Their sweet tones or calming demeanour. These two Mistresses are a force to be reckoned with!’

Mistress Candy & Mistress Manouche. Yorkshire's professional Mistresses.

‘It was only once Our slave was strung up did he rethink his outrageous request of the Max Mosley experience.
It did take him a few weeks to get over it. Hilarious!’

Good afternoon all you kinky revellers and the curious.

Do not forget that London Dominatrix, Mistress Manouche will be playing at the Leeds BDSM playroom from Wednesday 17thJuly through until Friday 19thJuly, 2019. As well as Double Domination (200 shiny gold coins for the hour) one on one playtimes are also available with any Mistress.

On Thursday 18thJuly We are also offering Triple Domination (300 shiny gold coins for the hour) as Mistress Candy Leeds will be in attendance. Same applies as above; one on one , double or triple. This is your choice!

To make a genuine enquiry or book a wicked playtime telephone or email any one of Us directly. Please note, withheld numbers are always ignored.

Leeds Mistress Firefly. 07761 184 643.

Mistress Candy Leeds. 07853 185 863.

London Mistress Manouche. 07555 119 673.

[email protected]



Mistress Manouche. The sensual Seductress.

‘Mistress Manouche takes the cane to gritty charlie’s taut hynee. With no restraints he did struggle to stay still when receiving his punishment for his unruly behaviour.’

Leeds Mistress Firefly. Professional Dominatrix.

‘I love having a high spec whipping bench. I always state, the furniture should be comfortable however the activities should not!’

Mistress Manouche, Professional Dominatrix. The Leeds BDSM playroom

‘London based professional Dominatrix, Mistress Manouche is a highly sought after sensual Seductress!’

Triple Female Domination with Mistress Firefly, Mistress Candy & Mistress Manouche.

‘Our greedy fetishist, fukbot loves his triple Domme playtimes full of water-sports, fisting, double anal fisting & leg worship.
By the time We’ve had Our wicked way with him he’s exhausted… and all he does is lay on his back!’

Leeds professional Mistresses, Mistress Manouche & Mistress Candy.

‘Our slave, 68 didn’t quite understand what he was letting himself in for…
shackled upright & set upon by three Mistresses bearing leather whips.’