Happy New Year to My army of misfits and the curious,

Its been a while since My last post but life has been crazily busy of late, I’m pretty sure the Circus would love me; how much I am juggling. Do not get Me wrong, I, Leeds Mistress Firefly am not complaining, I’m riding high on life right now due to all the balls I am juggling are positive ones! 

Sussex Mistress manouche, Marvz and I, Leeds Mistress Firefly enjoying some spicy scran.

Right now I, Leeds Mistress Firefly am going to rewind to post festivities and enter the month of November 2021, another month I had My most beautiful, talented and outrageous Girlfriend, Mistress Manouche up for the week. Due to the relaxing of restrictions I have been able to have this Sassy Seductress here in Leeds, West Yorkshire twice this year, every time it’s a sell out, every time it’s hilarious and every time I cannot wait to stick Her back on the train to Sussex! (I might miss Her a little on departure…)

I, Leeds Mistress Firefly tried to sell Sussex Mistress Manouche on Leeds Market!
Doing what we do best… ‘BEING REAL’!

Anyway as usual, Double Domme playtimes are by private invite only however We the Leeds BDSM Playroom Mistresses; Leeds Mistress Firefly and Sussex Mistress Manouche decided on this visit We would open up one playtime a day to fresh-meat, this went down a treat, also Mistress Manouche got to meet two of My misfits (now shared) norman baites and misfit unknown.

Sussex Mistress Manouche and her obsession with breathing apparatus.

On the train from London to Leeds, West Yorkshire Mistress Manouche popped a tweet out stating ‘She was going to set the sky on fire’; low and behold the following evening We had eleven fire-trucks outside! Mistress Manouche and I, Leeds Mistress Firefly watched on as brave fire fighters adorned their breathing equipment and entered the building. Thank goodness no one was hurt!

Damn right Sussex Mistress Manouche brought the drama…

(I can safely say that both misfit unknown and norman baites think Mistress Manouche is as bat shit crazy as I am and they LOVE Her.) 

More bloody drama…

‘Enjoy the photographs of Mistress Manouche bringing the fuc*ing DRAMA!’

The drama never stops with Sussex Mistress Manouche!

I, Leeds Mistress Firefly have reverted back to My ‘spaghetti junction’ posts… you will have to keep up My dears or get yourself a slower ride! 

Sometimes you need to channel your inner Geen…

“Right I’m back… I started this post a week or so ago then as per usual I got side tracked with life”. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year and for you, My misfit, screaming banshee… TALK and stay safe! The furry monsters and I, Leeds Mistress Firefly spent a splendid festive period with dear friends (all with negative tests and We are still negative!) New Years Eve was spent snuggled up with My furry monsters watching documentaries on ancient aliens, ‘the perfect evening apart from having a roast chicken supper with collared misfit, 68’.

My furry monsters ain’t interested in Ancient Aliens especially on NYE with a healthy diet of onion rings and Cab Sav.

Take three on sitting down to complete this post… ‘I’m driving Myself around the bend!’

Life got back to normal at the end of November 2021; back training hard after six-months of living the highlife. The penny has finally dropped; taking time out from training isn’t good for Me, Leeds Mistress Firefly. However with a couple of injuries I am absolutely smashing it… ‘Go hard or go home!’

And the extra pounds are dropping off thank goodness!

I, Leeds Mistress Firefly have had some bloody funny, belting and bizarre playtimes with pieces of fresh-meat and also nervous novices, all of them are more than welcome back to continue their outrageously fun and wicked journey with Me. 



As always this fabulous few days are by private invite only however, We the Leeds Mistresses will allow one piece of fresh-meat on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (a deposit will be required for you folk We do not know). 


Tighter the better.

I should add that if you would like a one to one playtime with Sussex Mistress Manouche this is absolutely fine and I will pop Her contact details up at the end of this post.


I, Leeds Mistress Firefly cannot stress enough that My Leeds BDSM Playroom is a sterile environment, always has been, always will be… before and after Covid 19! I only have two other Professional Leeds Mistresses playing from My Playroom; Sussex Mistress Manouche and Mistress Candy Leeds. We take your health seriously, more than happy to wear masks and also take a LF test on the morning of your playtime. 

My Leeds BDSM Playroom is open seven-days a week, please note I only engage in two playtimes, same day playtimes are an absolute NO NO! Should I, Leeds Mistress Firefly be away from the Playroom I will notify you all via Twatter. No need to join, you can follow from afar and you can also keep up to date via the bottom of the page on My website. 

Over and out.

‘Stay happy and stay safe folk!’

My Leeds BDSM Playroom is privately owned, sterile and fully equipped. I am situated 1.9 miles from Leeds Central Station and also the same distance from the M621. Ample on street free and safe parking available. 

Leeds Mistress Firefly. 07761 184 643.

[email protected]

Sussex Mistress Manouche. 07555 119 673.

[email protected]