Good afternoon to My army of misfits and the curious.

How is your easing of lockdown going? Mine started pretty spectacularly until my big old girl, Princess became poorly which resulted in Me, Leeds Mistress Firefly having to postpone a few playtimes. Fortunately and gratefully everyone rebooked and belting playtimes took place. Those who have known Me, your Mistress for many years know that My furry monsters are always top of the pecking order… you lot don’t even get onto the bottom of it! Anyway Princess is doing well, She’s happy, comfortable and enjoying being spoilt even more than usual. At Her ripe old age it should be quality not quantity. 

Leeds Mistress Firefly.
My Princess has the right idea, all snuggled and comfy. Unlike Brutus…

So, after a bat shit crazy start to the beginning of life returning back to My ‘perverse normality’ I, Leeds Mistress Firefly have tortured, teased and ruined a lot of My misfits as well some pieces of ‘fresh meat’… I will mention one that stood out… ms danielle dd dollarhyde. 

The Leeds BDSM Playroom.
As usual I, Leeds Mistress Firefly am late posting My blog. Better late than never.

I, Leeds Mistress Firefly first had contact over twatter dm with dd about four-years ago, she’s always polite and I could sense very shy, then not so long ago dd wired Me her Mistress tokens and then booked her playtime. Please note, I DO NOT expect Mistress tokens before I have meet you, I take everyone at ‘telephone exchange’ value. If you do not follow My rules you will NEVER get a wicked playtime with Me, Leeds Mistress Firefly. It’s that simple. 

Leeds Mistress Firefly. Professional BDSM Dominatrix.
My new gurly, ms. danielle dd dollarhyde… absolute babe!

My dd was absolutely terrified when she walked in through the iron gate and she continued to stay behind her ‘shield of steel’ until I, Leeds Mistress Firefly smashed it down. 

The Leeds BDSM Playroom.
In a moment of panic My dd nearly forgot to put her shoes on. tut tut. Attention to detail!

‘I am a human being after all and I know what it is like to feel fear of the unknown.’

Leeds Mistress Firefly. Professional BDSM Dominatrix.
My under-crackers? Nah, I made dd sniff her own.

This gurly, dd had only experienced one playtime before meeting Me however she did lose her Mistress virginity to one who has retired and one that I respect greatly. Anyway dd soon settled down and the penny finally dropped, The Leeds BDSM Playroom is a safe and fun place to play, explore and be yourself without the boring protocol bullshit. Soon The Leeds BDSM Playroom was filled full of giggles, granted some nervous but hey-ho I, Leeds Mistress Firefly need to keep you in a state of confusion… fun and fear… she even met My Angry Bastard, Brutus! I spoke with dd via text message the following day asking if she had recovered from her traumatic experience with Me, Leeds Mistress Firefly? To which she replied; ‘i never want to recover and already looking forward to my next playtime’. 

Leeds Mistress Firefly. Professional BDSM Dominatrix.
Running late so it is black coffee in The Leeds BDSM Playroom.

‘Another tortured and titillated happy camper. My mucking around is done’.

A little bit of bad news; My beautiful bestie, Mistress Candy Leeds will not be returning to The Leeds BDSM Playroom for the foreseeable future as She is taking care of a sick relative. When She does come back I will let you all know. However on a good note; My other gorgeous bestie, Mistress Manouche will be here every other month unfortunately Her June visit is by private invite only… but… We might announce two Double Domme playtimes to the masses… MIGHT! 

The Leeds BDSM Playroom.
And I, Leeds Mistress Firefly had zero time to plaster My face in warpaint.

I, Leeds Mistress Firefly will be available for wicked playtimes at My Leeds BDSM Playroom from tomorrow, Monday 17th May 2021. The only day I will not be available is Sunday as I am on a boring first aid course. I have changed My times of play due to being in month six of insomnia… The earliest playtime will no longer be 5am but 10.30am for the foreseeable future. My last playtime will be 6pm however I can be flexible on this for misfits and folk I know. 

Leeds Mistress Firefly. Professional Yorkshire BDSM Dominatrix.
If you follow Me on Twatter you will know that I have been studying K1 and kickboxing for the last fifteen months. This was Our first grading day and We both entered a no-belt and left with an orange belt.

To book your wicked playtime or make a genuine enquiry please telephone or email Me directly. Withheld numbers are always ignored. 

Leeds Mistress Firefly. Professional Yorkshire Dominatrix.
Nearly six ball breaking hours of hell for a belt that ain’t Gucci! That is My ever suffering but hard as nails Coach in the background… Probably shocked that I didn’t run My fast mouth off!

My Leeds BDSM Playroom is privately owned, fully equipped, sterile, discreet and outrageous. I am based two-miles from Leeds City Centre train station. 

The Leeds BDSM Playroom.
Inhale My liquid golden delight…

All playtimes are tailored to suit, if I cannot accommodate you I will happily recommend another Professional Mistress who might. 

Enjoy your freedom but still air on the side of caution to avoid another bloody lockdown. 

Leeds Mistress Firefly. 07761 184 643.

[email protected]

Leeds Mistress.

Yorkshire Mistress.