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The Leeds BDSM Playroom home to the Leeds Mistresses.
Happy New Year from The Leeds Mistresses Firefly & Candy.
29th December 2020

Good afternoon to My army of misfits and the curious. I, Leeds Mistress Firefly hope that you’ve all managed to salvage…

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The Leeds BDSM Playroom is open over the festive period.
22nd December 2020

Good afternoon to My army of misfits and the curious, Firstly I would like to start with wishing you all a…

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The Leeds Mistresses, Firefly & Candy are back in full swing at The Leeds BDSM Playroom.
7th December 2020

Good afternoon and welcome back My army of misfits and the curious. Today was not the start to a cracking week…

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Master Freddie Big Balls
A brief insight into the Leeds BDSM playroom and the Sissy Retreat 2019.
1st January 2019

Good afternoon slaves, sissies and the like-minded. I, Leeds Mistress Firefly wish you all a very happy, healthy and fun 2019….

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Leeds Mistress Firefly.
BDSM fetish and sissification update.
18th September 2018

Hello to all you kinky lot and the curious. I, Leeds Mistress Firefly am touching base to update you on up…

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slutty sisssy sophie tells of her experience with Mistress Ryder & Mistress Firefly.
14th June 2018

An account of my playtime with Mistress Ryder and Mistress Firefly. I Arrived at my destination, as instructed. Scanning my surroundings,…

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Sensory deprivation
Mistress Helen Ryder & I, Mistress Firefly are holding Double Domme BDSM playtimes on Sunday 26th May 2018…
21st May 2018

DOUBLE DOMME ALERT… North and South collaborate once again. Mistress Helen Ryder and I, Mistress Firefly will be joining forces once…

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Sensory deprivation
Leeds Mistress Firefly & the sensory deprivation slave…
5th May 2018

I think it is more than obvious that I, Leeds Mistress Firefly thoroughly enjoy very early playtimes in My Leeds BDSM…

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Professional Dominatrix
Mistress Firefly & Mistress Helen Ryder V’s the slaves. 1st-4th February.
19th January 2018

Hello you kinky lot and welcome to My new website. I know it is a tad sparse right now but I…

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