It was brought to My attention last night that the word on the street is that The Sissy Retreat is in collaboration with another sissy event… ‘FACT- WE ARE NOT AND NEVER WILL BE!’ Myself, Mistress Firefly, Ms. Armstrong, Hannah Mac and kristi slut run the Sissy Retreat. If We as a team decide to bring in a guest Mistress for one of Our events We will let you know in advance. If you have any queries regarding Our Team past and present please telephone Me directly and I will happily and honestly answer your questions.

Right, as you will have seen on Twitter Our November Sissy tea party and maid-training event has sold out however never fear We still have availability for FRIDAY 15TH DECEMBER 2017.

A little insight into how Our parties work…

We at The Sissy Retreat offer a maximum of six places at Our parties, the reason why We don’t offer more is due to all of Us being perfectionists and so all you lucky sissies and maids get Our full attention. Our parties last between six and eight hours as We have a staggered start process where We start with your transformation, hair, make-up and being dressed to impress. It is absolute paramount that The Sissy Retreat Team makes you look and feel a million sissy dollars!

As all you gurls are transformed throughout the morning from naughty boys into prissy and obedient maids and sissies, fun continues with a cheeky game of spin the dildo, or a similar game with forfeits and surprises. This is good bonding time where you all get to know one another and discover that you can relax, put the nerves to one side and have a jolly good giggle.

We at The Sissy Retreat are fully aware that no two sissies or maids are the same so prior to Our events We are very thorough in finding out your wants and requirements; remember it is your day to have fun and shine! So whilst one of the gurls on the day wants to be in full servitude, cleaning and scrubbing whilst being humiliated in front of you all, the rest of you continue with deportment training. An over the knee spanking is administered to those who do not meet Our impeccably high standards.

All the sissies and maids are looking a little hungry and definitely in need of refueling. This is time for you gurls to learn how to set and serve a table for high tea. We at The Sissy Retreat only use the finest ingredients and produce, we also cater for Vegans as both I, Mistress Firefly and kristi slut are very health conscious Vegans. Prior to the event you will be asked of any dietary requirements or food allergies. The table is looking fabulous, food is served correctly and we all sit, chat and with elegance and grace scoff the great food.

The next tasks for the day is clearing the table and polishing the silver and crystal or maybe leave the maid to do it all whilst the rest of us go and play? Maybe I should also mention that The Sissy Retreat is not just a domestic fetish playspace We also have a playspace al-fresco and a fully equipped BDSM playroom.

When holding a sociable multi sissy / maid event it is important for Us to orchestrate and incorporate everyone’s favorite activities but also keep all the gurls together and happy (apart from the antisocial maid). This is easy to achieve, as I am well-versed and professional in holding parties and having fun. A vast array of activities are explored in the BDSM playroom everything from bondage, spanking, corporal punishment and forced-bi (sissy on sissy).

On winding down the party everyone is stripped of their prissy sissy / Victorian maid frocks and make-up. Showered and enjoying a good cup of Yorkshire Tea all gurls are allowed to relax and start to digest the day, We don’t need to rush, as We own the venue.

A couple of other important points I need to state. Hannah Mac, Ms. Armstrong and I, Mistress Firefly DO NOT provide any intimate sexual interaction. We are Professionals! However We have a new member, My sissyslut, kristi slut whom is well-versed in being ‘naughty’ and she’s also amazing at Drag queen make-up. All the Team at The Sissy Retreat are very approachable and friendly so should you start to worry or don’t want to join in some of the activities, all you have to do is say. We’re not bullies; We are the Orchestrators of consensual fun, always looking after you and offering sane guidance.

On a final note; The Sissy Retreat is based in a sleepy little village ten-miles from Middleborough. Our detached property is safe, discreet and as I have mentioned before has multiple and versatile areas for BDSM / fetish play. We also have the wardrobe to melt any cross-dresses heart whether you want to be a pink sissy, Victorian maid or a glamorous pussy-galore.

Now all you have to do is email or telephone Us directly to secure your place or have your queries answered.

Have a super weekend My little darlings.

Mistress Firefly. 07761 184 643.