As you might have seen on Twitter, I, Mistress Firefly am residing at The Sissy Retreat until Tuesday 7th November. My furry monsters hate fireworks and they come first. However this doesn’t stop Me from heading back to The Leeds BDSM Playroom for fun and games. On this journey down the motorway I am wearing a big smile as I am expecting one of My cheekiest of submissives, naughty jennifer.

Having thrown banter around on Twitter for a few months naughty jennifer made the decision to meet Me in the flesh. However sometimes the person who hides behind their computer is not always what you expect. Luckily for this cheeky little minx she got exactly what it says on the tin; A bonkers Mistress with good banter, lots of fun, professional, sane (debatable) and provides consensual BDSM and fetish fun.

Prior to our playtime I request ‘likes, loves and hard limits’, soon to discover that naughty jennifer is fairly well seasoned and enjoys an array of activities. My mind becomes awash with ideas and excitement, as I love to play with new submissives whether they’re well seasoned or a shy novice.

After a catch up we both head down to the Leeds BDSM Playroom where My submissive stands naked before Me, I torment her nipples and then order her over the whipping bench. “So, you like thuddy implements do you”? My Playroom is an Aladdin’s Cave of toys and surprises…

I, Mistress Firefly strap naughty jennifer nice and tight to the whipping bench as I also know she likes tight restrictive bondage. Once nicely secured down I begin to administer a hand spanking and at times My hands can be rather heavy… mind you her tush is looking far too spankable so she only has herself to blame! Mirrors surround us so if My submissive doesn’t want to watch she’d better close her eyes as I start to integrate an array of Corporal punishment ‘toys’ into our playtime.

My Corporal punishment ‘toys’ are handmade, amazing, well worth paying that little extra for and I only buy them from one company as I have done for many years. ‘If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it’.

Sometimes I like to give My slaves / submissives the choice of weapon (a head spin) but the first implement I choose. The Canadian prison strap, wide, heavy leather and aerodynamic, her name is ‘Tickler’ and she comes cracking down with ease on naughty jennifer’s tush… toes curl but I’m far from done!

The last time I, Mistress Firefly met naughty jennifer was for maid-training, rubber-play and bondage… I think she was just testing the water to see if she could trust Me to play nice. ‘Like a lamb to the slaughter, and this is coming from a Vegan’!

I place the Canadian prison strap to one side and this is where multiple choice kicks in… ‘Will naughty Jennifer choose the Singapore synthetic or will she go with the Priest strap’? They’re both on route but in which order I will leave My submissive to decide.

Well, naughty Jennifer chose the Priest strap, ‘da da daaa’… I release the Priest strap upon this great tush that is pert and ripe, My submissive is trying to stay calm and controlled as ‘Princess’ rattles her head (Kristi slut named her ‘Princess Bastard’) which does make Me giggle and even more so when I inform My victim, “I mean submissive” as she wiggles to the best of her ability. I continue to be firm but fair as I would have been devastated if naughty jennifer had left Me thinking ‘that was boring’!

I, Mistress Firefly continue to giggle and keep naughty jennifer in a state of confusion with light banter and heavy strokes of the Singapore synthetic. I can definitely see she is getting weary and these are not crocodile tears so I free her and let her relax and stretch…

It’s not over yet!

After a little time to straighten her head as much as one can in My presence it is time to make our way over to Firefly’s Goliath. I can see naughty jennifer is looking elated and relaxed and even happier knowing that she’s going to be bound in leather and ropes. What she doesn’t know is what I have in store for her.

All slaves / submissives are different some like the banter and others prefer a total Bitch, naughty Jennifer likes them both at once. As I secure her to the Goliath we giggle and chat (calm before the storm) but then I notice a turning point as she becomes quiet and floats away into her own little bliss. I’m feeling mischievous and decide to drag her right back out of her little blissed cocoon … ‘Bad Mistress’!

There are some body parts or activities that are very much NOT allowed until trust is there. naughty jennifer is not daft and I am given AAA (access all areas), so off I go with My fun and games.

I ease naughty jennifer in with some mild clitty electro stimulation (she would say differently) and then I attack her gurly hole with a mild pulse and a gentle massage of the prostate. I know My submissive is enjoying the anal stimulation but she is also preoccupied with the bites (from the electrics) on her clitty and My tampering fingers tormenting her very sensitive nipples. The more I laugh the more My bundle of joy endures.

One of My rules is that if I’m not having a good time then you certainly will not, naughty Jennifer does not fail when fun is concerned. I know I have pushed her to the point of looking brighter than Vegas so I wind down the electro stimulation (maybe sometimes torture) and allow her some breathing time… “I’m so considerate, sometimes”.  Slowly My submissive starts to relax, her muscles become soft and the grimace leaves her face as I remove half of the restraints, raise her knees and spread her legs…

I, Mistress Firefly position Myself on the Goliath between naughty jennifer’s legs and let My fingers slide carefully and slowly into her gurly hole. The Playroom has fallen deadly silent as My submissive floats away into her private Idaho.  I work My magic and slowly milk her inner clit (prostate) to the point where the hold she has on My fingers subsides and her body stops trembling. A perfect way to end an amazing afternoon.

I, Mistress Firefly will be back in the Leeds BDSM Playroom from Tuesday 7th November 2017. Same day playtimes are available but it is advised to telephone early to avoid disappointment, all BDSM / fetish playtimes are tailored to suit. To book our fabulous playtime or make a genuine enquiry you may telephone or email Me directly. Please note, withheld numbers are always ignored.


Mummy Amanda and Her Nannies, Leigh and Elizabeth ( will be joining Us for the Christmas party. They’ve over twenty-years experience in feminization, maid-training, sissification, adult baby and much more.

Please understand, WE DO NOT JUDGE! The Sissy Retreat and Mummy Amanda’s Nursery were created for you to explore your dolly daydream fantasies whether you want to be a sissy, maid, pussy-galore or a nappy wearing sissy. IT IS YOUR DAY!

If you would like to attend Our Christmas dolly daydream party at The Sissy Retreat in North Yorkshire, or you have any questions you can fill out the enquiry form via or you can telephone Me directly on 07761 184 643.