By: Mistress

Tampon training
Tampon training with Leeds Mistress Firefly, Mistress Candy Leeds and the slave, massive-shocker.
7th April 2019

It was about time that Mistress Candy Leeds met Our hilarious slave, massive-shocker. On entering the Leeds BDSM playroom massive-shocker is…

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Mistress Firefly
Solitary confinement. Total darkness. White noise.
30th March 2019

“Okay, I know it doesn’t come as a surprise that My fabulous blonde head has never functioned like the ‘normal person’,…

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The Professional Leeds Mistresses
Mistress Firefly and Mistress Candy give teddy bear a good old Yorkshire stuffing…
3rd February 2019

It comes to no surprise that I, Leeds Mistress Firefly attract the most fun, unruly and mischievous of misfits, however some…

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The Leeds Mistresses
Three Professional Leeds Mistresses V’s one slave…
22nd January 2019

Well it has been a crazy fortnight in the Leeds BDSM playroom with Myself, Mistress Firefly, resident Mistress Candy and visiting…

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Leeds Mistresses
The Leeds Mistresses, Mistress Firefly and Mistress Candy.
5th January 2019

I, Leeds Mistress Firefly could not be happier with how Mistress Candy applied Herself yesterday on Her debut BDSM / fetish…

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Master Freddie Big Balls
A brief insight into the Leeds BDSM playroom and the Sissy Retreat 2019.
1st January 2019

Good afternoon slaves, sissies and the like-minded. I, Leeds Mistress Firefly wish you all a very happy, healthy and fun 2019….

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Leeds Mistress Firefly.
BDSM fetish and sissification update.
18th September 2018

Hello to all you kinky lot and the curious. I, Leeds Mistress Firefly am touching base to update you on up…

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Leeds Mistress Firefly
Needles and fire with Leeds Mistress Firefly.
31st July 2018

I, Leeds Mistress Firefly am very fond of My early morning starts especially when I know boundaries can be pushed and…

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slutty sisssy sophie tells of her experience with Mistress Ryder & Mistress Firefly.
14th June 2018

An account of my playtime with Mistress Ryder and Mistress Firefly. I Arrived at my destination, as instructed. Scanning my surroundings,…

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Mistress Helen Ryder & Mistress Firefly V's slave.
Mistress Firefly & Mistress Helen Ryder torment slutty sophie at the Leeds BDSM Playroom.
3rd June 2018

Well I am pretty sure that you have all guessed especially if you see My Twitter feed (@fireflybdsm – please note…

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