Mistress Firefly

Delightfully Sadistic

Leeds Mistress Firefly is fully aware that the anxious novice will need to be nurtured and feel absolutely secure and safe in their submission to Her (this is where the weird and wonderful journey begins). However all you well seasoned players, Mistress Firefly is here to test your limits, push boundaries, and more than happily scar you, whether it be mentally, physically or both.


Yorkshire Mistress Firefly, Leeds Dominatrix will not entertain those who are seeking a cheap and quick alternative to their fantasies, nor does She offer a standard service. Should your request happily feed Mistress Firefly’s insatiable and perverted appetite your session will be tailored to suit, however should you fail to impress, Mistress Firefly will happily point you in the direction of another Leeds/Yorkhire Mistress.


Leeds Mistress Firefly, Yorkshire Dominatrix has a wild imagination, a firm hand and a strict manner. Even though beautifully cruel, dynamic and articulate Mistress Firefly has a wicked sense of humour, and grants all Her slaves the freedom of speech, provided you are always respectful and fully aware that Mistress Firefly is to be addressed only in the polite manner She is accustomed to.

Mistress Firefly, West Yorkshire dominatrix, does not suffer fools or time wasters gladly… be warned!




“Mistress Firefly is a stunning Dominatrix, and highly experienced Mistress with a loyal and dedicated stable of slaves who are prepared to accept without question the most wicked and devious manifestations of her extraordinarily twisted imagination.”

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Novices are more than welcome to see me, having such a fine understanding of my art and the tools I use, I can easily adjust the intensity of our sessions to suit.